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Nigeria Singer: How I got my name ‘117’ – KillarVibez117

How I got my name ‘117’ – KillarVibez117

How I got my name ‘117’ – KillarVibez117
How I got my name ‘117’ – KillarVibez117

Nigeria Singer: How I got my name ‘117’ – KillarVibez117

Just like many Nigerian music stars, how they come about their stage names have a lot of stories behind them. The same is the case with Popular Nigerian singer and Disc Jockey, KillarVibez117, whose real name is Mimi Yorzua.

Born in Wukari, Taraba State, KillarVibes117 has revealed what his childhood was like and how he got the suffix ‘117’ added to his stage name. Sharing this via a recent post on his Instagram page, he explained that while growing up as a young boy in church, Psalms 117 was his favourite bible verse and everyone called him ‘117’ because of that.



He wrote: “I am called 117 because that was the only whole Bible Chapter I could memorise back in the Church. Every time I got up for a memory verse it was usually Psalm 117. Lol”

He went further to add that his real name Mimidoo and Ormi are his pet names given to him by his family. “Mimi which means ‘Truth’ is a Tiv given-name for both genders,” he added.

Killarvibez117 as he is now called believes that “every musician has a lot on the journey of his music and life in general and musician stories are best told in their lyrics. So, my fans and lovers should listen to more of my music for more about his life and stories.”

Kaduna, Lagos and Ogun States are places where this talented entertainer grew up with his siblings and holds a BSc in Computer Science from (ESM) Ecole Superieure De Management, Benin Republic.

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