Flexigig Review – Is It Worth It? (An Honest Assessment)




Flexigig Review – Is It Worth It? (An Honest Assessment)


If you are searching for a remote job, you may be wondering: Is Flexigig legit? Is Flexigig worth it?


In this Flexigig review, I’ll do my utmost to address both of those questions candidly (spoiler alert: it is worth it, but only if you’re committed to pursuing a remote job). I will also provide you with tips on how to initiate your remote gigs search with Flexigig.

I know from personal experience that the biggest obstacle to becoming a digital nomad is finding a source of income. If you search around online for how to become a digital nomad, you’ll quickly find that one of the most recommended resources to find remote and digital nomad gigs is Flexigig.

But you do need to pay to get access to the Flexigig gig board. So is it worth it? While it depends on your situation, I will say that Flexigig is by far the top digital nomad gig board out there. If you’re seriously searching for a remote gig, the cost of a membership pales in comparison to the potential income (and work-life balance) difference of getting a better gig than you otherwise might have.

In this Flexigig review, I’ll cover what it offers, what it costs, plus some tips on how to find an online gig. But, first, let’s address the topic on the top of your mind:


Is Flexigig Worth It?

Many Flexigig members find that the modest membership fee is a worthwhile investment for access to verified and credible remote gig listings. Flexigig’s pricing is generally quite reasonable, particularly when you contemplate the potential return on investment of securing a potentially superior gig offer.

It may initially appear unusual to pay for such a service, especially considering that several remote gig boards are free of charge. However, Flexigig is a trusted company and offers a premium service for individuals who are committed to discovering remote gigs. Subscribing to a membership enables them to deliver enhanced value to you. You can uncover genuine remote gigs and connect with individuals who are eager to assist you.


Additionally, the cost is quite reasonable – you can experiment with a one-week membership for as little as a few Pounds:


Is Flexigig Legitimate?

Flexigig is a legitimate gig board. It is likely one of the most widely recognized online platforms for finding remote gigs, including full-time online gigs and gigs with flexible schedules. Flexigig is not a scam. Flexigig boasts an A+ rating from clients, and has received numerous five-star ratings from satisfied users.

Flexigig is highly reputable in its field and offers a gig board that features a more substantial number of genuine gigs at any given time compared to most other online gig boards.

Flexigig provides far more than just gig listings because merely searching for a remote gig is not always sufficient. Flexible gigs are frequently highly competitive, and you must learn how to distinguish yourself from the rest.

A Flexigig membership encompasses a range of services designed to enhance your chances of securing a remote gig.

My Flexigig review identified seven ways in which a Flexigig membership can accelerate your quest for a superior remote gig:


1. Verified Gigs, Not Remote Scams

Flexigig acknowledges that, in this digital age, for every legitimate gig listing on the internet, there are approximately 60-70 gig scams.

Shockingly, nearly 20% of individuals searching for gigs online have fallen victim to scams.

Scamming is a prevalent issue in the realm of remote work, and Flexigig meticulously assesses each gig listing to confirm its authenticity. Their dedicated research team is well-versed in recognizing scams, alleviating the need for you to scrutinize listings independently.

They meticulously sift through all the undesirable gigs to ensure that you exclusively encounter genuine opportunities. Flexigig’s scrutiny of companies and gigs can involve up to 30 minutes of research per listing, which ultimately saves you the substantial time and effort required to conduct such research on your own.


2. Flexigig Conducts Company Research on Your Behalf.

There are numerous companies with remote teams, but not all of them may align with your preferences.

Flexigig assesses every company and offers valuable insights about them. Their extensive database, accessible on their website, is categorized by job fields, simplifying the process of identifying companies that require your specific skills. The company reviews on Flexigig help you save valuable time.

Flexigig has dedicated years to researching companies. They provide comprehensive information, including the company’s remote work history, description, website, and headquarters location.


3. Comprehensive Job Search Resources Included in Your Membership

Hunting for a new gig can be a challenging and demanding process, requiring significant effort.

Flexigig assists you in navigating this transition by providing a wealth of supportive resources, including:


– Job search checklists

– Career guidance

– Expert skills assessments

– Video introductions


Additionally, there are supplementary services available, such as resume reviews and personalized career coaching. If you’re encountering difficulties in securing an online gig, these services can aid you in identifying areas for improvement.


4. Exceptional Customer Support at Flexigig

In an era when many companies have turned to automated responses and chatbots, Flexigig takes a more traditional approach. They prioritize personal interaction and do not rely on chatbots or prerecorded phone operators.

Their customer service team, through various media is readily available to assist you.

According to my findings, numerous individuals have expressed satisfaction with their customer service interactions with the Flexigig team.


5. What kind of gigs are available on flexigig?

Flexigig focuses on listing Part time gigs. what this entails is that the gigs are mostly short online jobs. these are ususlly completed in a few minutes (ranging from 5 to 15 minutes per gig).

The kind of gigs available on flexigig include data gathering, surveys, Advertising, Influencing, data entry gigs, Product testing, research gigs, etc.


Flexigig also lists full time jobs with 3rd party companies. you can find more on this on the Blog section of Flexigigs.


Flexigig Cost & Pricing.

How much does Flexigig cost? Flexigig has a range of subscription options (Called Contract levels).


Presently, you have the following choices when signing up for Flexigig:

NOTE: Earnings on flexigig is in Pounds (£). £1 is pegged to N,1000. This is great as it means you wouldn’t have to worry about the Naira falling of the volatility of the currency market space. The contract Duration is 30 days.

The Higher your contract level, the more you earn, and the more you have access to exclusive and better paying jobs.


💲Level 1 Contract

Amount £10

Details of contract duration 30 days

Return £15

Access to Jobs: Only Level 1 Jobs


💲Level 2 Contract

Amount £20

Details of contract duration 30 days

Return £30

Access to Jobs: Level 1 and 2 Jobs


💲Level 3 Contract

Amount £50

Details of contract duration 30 days

Return £75

Access to Jobs: Level 1-3 Jobs


💲Level 4 Contract

Amount £100

Details of contract duration 30 days

Return £150

Access to Jobs: ALL JOBS


💲Level 5 Contract

Amount £200

Details of contract duration 30 days

Return £300

Access to Jobs: ALL JOBS


Flexigig also offers a whopping %15 affiliate commission on referrals who register with your unique affiliate link.


So, Is Flexigig Worth It?

In summary, if you are in pursuit of a remote gig, a Flexigig membership is highly likely to be worth the modest annual membership fee. In fact, it may be one of the most beneficial investments you can make for your future. If it accelerates your job search, saves you time, or helps you secure a higher-paying gig, it will quickly pay for itself.


And, of course, you don’t have to take my word for it! Numerous other Flexigig reviews are readily available – you can explore what numerous other media outlets have said about them.

They have been featured in prominent publications like Forbes, Business Insider, CNBC, and many others. The company is widely recognized in the business industry as a leader in the realm of remote work and freelance opportunities.


If you’re facing difficulties in locating a remote gig, it’s worth contemplating a subscription to the platform.

The reality is that free remote gig boards often become inundated with job applications. A paid remote gig board tends to offer a more exclusive experience.

Flexigig caters to a wide range of industries and compiles high-quality gig listings.

With the 30-day satisfaction guarantee, signing up and giving it a try is quite straightforward.

Keep in mind that if you decide to take the leap, you can register for Flexigig through this link.




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