28 Years after, Takum Gets New Paramount Ruler

28 Years after, Takum Gets New Paramount Ruler
28 Years after, Takum Gets New Paramount Ruler


Late Ukwe Ali Ibrahim Kufang 1963-1996



Rhapsodi Affos Blog Reporter
After 28 years following the passing of the last paramount ruler of Takum, Ukwe Ali Ibrahim Kufang II, a new Ukwe has finally been chosen, adhering to Kuteb culture and tradition.
The announcement was made in a press statement issued by the Kuteb leadership and signed by Fili. The new crown prince has undergone all the essential rites for ascending to the paramount throne of Ukwe Takum.
Ukwe Takum holds significance as the paramount ruler of Takum and serves as the spiritual leader of the Kuteb people, who belong to the Jukunoid tribe in Southern Taraba and the ancient Kwarrarafa Kingdom.
The press release indicates that the new Ukwe will be presented to the state government for formal recognition, paving the way for the presentation of the office staff.
The delay in filling the vacant Ukwe Takum stool, a first-class stool since 1996, is attributed by Kuteb leaders to the perceived laxity and lack of commitment from successive governors of Taraba State. Despite recommendations by several inquiry committees affirming the exclusive prerogative of the Kuteb people over the paramount throne of Ukwe Takum, the position still needed to be fulfilled.
The press release emphasizes the joy and happiness brought about by the selection of the new Ukwe, a development acknowledged by the inhabitants of Takum and its surrounding areas. Kuteb leaders express satisfaction that the ancestors have spoken,
identifying the crown prince and completing the traditional rites of ascension to the paramount throne.
The leaders stressed that the selection of the new Ukwe aligns with the ancient landmarks predating the colonial upgrade of the seat to third-class status. They assert that traditions and culture are inherent to the identity of a people and cannot be altered, mixed, or influenced by external ideologies. The leaders emphasize that the throne of the paramount Ukwe Takum is not a commodity for trade and should not be subject to external interference,
highlighting the parallel cases of the Aku Uka and Gara of Donga, who underwent traditional rites before being presented to the government for the formal conferral of the staff of office.

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